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Jobs and Business

Na aula de Inglês, no âmbito do tema Careers, Jobs and Business, foi perguntado aos alunos se algumas vezes tinham trabalhado nas férias ou em part-time, ou, em caso negativo, se gostariam de o fazer.
De seguida, foi-lhes pedido que redigissem um texto relatando as suas experiências ou, no caso de procurarem um emprego pela primeira vez, que descrevessem o tipo de trabalho que gostariam de fazer.
Os textos que se seguem, elaborados por alunos do 9ºA, resultaram desta actividade.

“I have never had a part-time job. But I would like to have one, because it would make me feel more independent and it would help me grow into a better person.
If I were looking for a part-time job, I would like to work in a music shop, because I love music and it is something that I would never feel sorry about.
If I could not work in a music shop, I would like to work in a tattoo shop. Not drawing in the people’s skins, but cleaning the place and organizing the work tables.
Those are the two jobs that I would like to do.” (Francisco Marques)

I still haven’t had any part-time job, except for working with my parents. Maybe this summer I will try to get a part-time job, because I want to see Motorhead and Deep Purple concerts and I need to have some money.
I would like my first part-time job to be in a place like a CD store, a tattoo/piercing studio, a music shop or something like that. I wouldn’t want to spend my time in a café cleaning tables, I think that’s boring.
Another part-time job that seems interesting is being the postman or the pizza delivery guy, some job like that in which you can drive around on a small motorcycle. But to do that I need to be sixteen and have a motorcycle license. So, forget about those.
A CD store seems like the best place to work in, because I can always put up ads about my band!!! (Gil Bentes)

I have never had either a part-time job or a holiday job. For now, I’m not really looking for one, but in the future I’m sure I will be.
I think that having a part-time job is a really good way for us teenagers to get some extra money and to become more responsible.
I would look for a job in a clothes shop, because I think that kind of place is one where I would like to work. It’s not usual, but I would like to work in a book store, too. I really like to read and working in a book store would be good for me.
These are the places I would like to work in, and my opinion about part-time jobs. (João Desidério)

On my summer holidays I have never had a job in which I received a salary, although I have helped my parents with their tasks.
In my future summer holiday, I want to get a job to earn some money. I would like to have a job so that, later, I could invest in my education, because I want to graduate in medicine and I wouldn’t like to depend on my parents for everything.
If I had a job, I would also gain useful experience for the future.
(João Varelas)

I have had a holiday job, because my mother has got a restaurant. On holidays and at weekends I work in our restaurant.
I like to work, because that way I help my mother and I make money to pay for my things.
I am used to working in the restaurant, because it has been open for eight years. So, it is now easy for me, since I have quite some experience! And that way, I learn to do things for when I am older and I learn how hard it is to make a living.
(Mariana Brito)

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